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Technology Singularity

Engineers contribute to the new blockchain by providing models they have designed through Chrona.

These models can be implemented in any programming language in a way that supports defined input and output forms, and specifications are provided so that contributions can be made using computational resources on the network using data sets in b / l for training of the models.

The value of the model provided in the Chrona will be given in the form of a reputation as it is used by multiple users in a different layer, blockchain, and the model's developers will receive fair compensation for the value.

Chrona B/L

Download Chrona tech_v1.3

Attempts to make a technical approach that complements the shortcomings of the block chain ....

Focus on technical improvements and practical use of social resources that are problematic in practical implementation

Fast processing
Maintain Block Chain Original
Implement realistic block chain technology

[Download] Chrona tech_v1
[Download] Chrona tech_v1.2
[Download] Chrona tech_v1.3


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